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Let’s Get Spooky for Halloween! 

There’s nothing better than eating candy on Halloween – and there’s certainly nothing better than eating great candy for Halloween. It’s time to set aside the Tootsie Rolls and Sour Patch Kids and bring on the good stuff that’s been buzzing around town – Sukker Baby. But why is this candy so great, and what makes it so special for Halloween? Well, first, we have to talk about the high-quality ingredients that sets this candy apart from other candy. Sukker Baby candy is free of GMOS, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and almost all our candy has natural ingredients. Trust us when we say – it just tastes better. We also have vegan, gelatin-free and gluten-free candy – we’ve got something for everyone!  

What else sets us apart from other candy is the unique shapes our candy comes in. Some of our most notable and Halloween-esque candies are the ever-popular Skull candies, a staple candy shape in Sweden (did we forget to mention that the majority of our candy is Scandinavian?)  Perfectly festive for the Halloween holiday, these spooky candies come in a variety of flavours, such as raspberry, cola, apple, orange and blue raspberry– to name a few. We even have our very own special mix dedicated to the skulls called the ‘Skully Mix’. In this mix, you can try one of each flavour and we’re sure you’ll understand the Skull hype. The skulls are some of our best-sellers year round, and by Halloween, these sour treats definitely make it to the top.  

And finally, we can’t forget to mention our seasonal Spooky Bags that are complete with our brand-new Halloween stickers. They come in two sizes, our Signature Spooky Bag and our Mini Spooky Bag. You might like the Mini Spooky Bags when handing out candy this year to the trick-or-treaters, or giving them out as party favours at your Halloween Party. We know if we saw these delicious Sukker Baby Spooky Bags scattered on a sweet table, we know exactly where we’d gravitate to first. And don’t forget – we can create any of our custom trays to have that Halloween festive vibe to them as well – which will be perfect at any Halloween party.  

Our Top 10 Halloween Candies for 2022  

1) Sweet Finnish Licorice 

    Black licorice might be a unique flavour and not for everyone, but what’s a Scandinavian candy store without some black licorice? And of course, being black, it’s the perfect dark contrast against the sea of colourful Halloween candy.  

    2) Pink Skulls 

    These foamy raspberry skulls will have your guests screaming for more!  

    Watermelon is definitely a popular candy flavour, and there’s nothing better than biting into a Skull full of that scrumptious watermelon taste.  


    These are blue raspberry flavour, which might be one of the top candy flavours, and will look great in any spooky Halloween candy dish.  


    5) Swedish Skulls 

    Called Swedish Skulls because of their blue and yellow colour, these have a more tropical flavour to them – but it’s still a skull and perfect for Halloween. 

    6) Cola Skulls

    We think these have a bit of a scary look to them, don’t you think? 


    One of our newest candies to hit the store, the Sour Squids have a unique foamy texture that sets itself apart from traditional candy. They could also pass as little ghosts, right?  

    We like the dark and muted colours of these irresistible bites, especially the purple which brings out the festive Halloween vibes.  

    9) Fruit Soda 

    These lemon lime bottles have a beautiful green colour that make our Spooky Bags pop. 

    10) Sour Juicy Blues 

    We like these as a nice accent in our Spooky Bags. They’re dark, sugary and chewy.  

    Sukker Baby candy is available online in both Canada and the US. In Canada, you can find us on thebay.com, DoorDash and some smaller local boutiques. We hope you’ll be able to find us in local grocery stores soon! 

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