Your #1 Candy Guide to the Best Tasting Gluten-Free Candy

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Your #1 Candy Guide to the Best Tasting Gluten-Free Candy 

Meta Description: Do you love eating candy, but have trouble finding anything tasty because you have a gluten allergy? Here is everything you need to know about our gluten-free candy.  

Having a food allergy can often create overwhelmingly tough situations. You might have an irresistible food craving for something unattainable, or perhaps you’re at your work holiday party and the food options are limited. We get it – it’s hard. And sometimes, alternatives might not taste good enough. But the truth is – they can. You just have to know where to look for them. So, we’re going to narrow it down and focus on which alternatives we’re talking about here.  

Let’s say you’re hit with a candy craving, but you’re celiac and the options aren’t great. What can you do? Well – you can head to, our online store with the best tasting candy. One of our unique selling features of Sukker Baby, is that we offer a large variety of the most delicious Scandinavian, Dutch and British gluten-free candy. With high quality ingredients, no GMOs or high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavours (yes! You heard that correctly), taste is never sacrificed – and we mean it. Those worried about not being able to typically enjoy candy, finally have some options.   

What Sukker Baby Candy is Gluten Free? 


You can find our gluten-free selection of candy by heading to our website, Click ‘Shop Candy’ > ‘Speciality’ > Gluten-Free. We have over 30 types of gluten-free candy to choose from, but here are some of our favourites: 

Pink Skulls 

Our Scandinavian skulls are some of our highly sought-after candy. Why? The flavours and the textures just can’t be beat. In particular, the Pink Skull has a delicious sour raspberry flavour with a unique foamy texture that is truly unlike your average candy you’d find at the grocery store. Trust us and try it – you won’t be disappointed. And what’s great is that all our skulls are gluten-free too! 


Scandy Fish 

Think Swedish Fish, but much, much better. With a superior sweet subtle flavour, they don’t stick to your teeth or have that unbearable chemical after-taste that Swedish Fish typically have. Never noticed this after-taste before? Compare the two and we’ll guarantee you’ll never grab a Swedish Fish again.  

Peach Lips 

One of our favourites, the Peach Lip is the perfect amount of sour, and the perfect amount of peachy flavour. With its nice chewy texture, you’ll never think about a Fuzzy Peach ever again. 

Percy Pig

One of our top selling British candies, there’s nothing quite like the sweet fruity flavour of the Percy Pig. It’s soft, foamy and extremely addicting. One bite and you’ll immediately know why these are always so highly rated.  

Sweet and Sour Winegums 

In the mood for sweet? Or in the mood for sour? The good news is – you can have both. From the Netherlands, the explosive flavours of these wine gums are absolutely delicious and come in a variety of different fruity flavours. Our favourite? The peach, of course! 

Gluten-free candy isn’t the only type of speciality candy that we offer. We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of candy that is inclusive to everyone, because we want all candy lovers to experience the joys of Sukker Baby. We also have vegan, dairy-free, and gelatin free candy and all our candy is actually nut-free too. We tend to have a hard time deciding between our favourites (unless Peach is involved) because we really do think everything tastes amazing! But it's likely we’ll dive into these topics another day. For now, we want to open the world to celiac candy lovers who often have a hard time finding good-tasting candy.  

Where can you buy our delicious tasting gluten-free candy? Our products are all online at, or you can order on DoorDash for that immediate candy craving. We can also be seen in some local boutiques and our next goal is to be featured in local grocery stores. We promise, you’ll start swapping the grocery store candy for Sukker Baby candy in no time.  

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