About Sukker Baby

Who is Sukker Baby?

In 2015, owner Jessica and a fellow candy-lover friend embarked on an adventure to scout out candy stores in Los Angeles. Eventually, they stumbled upon a Scandinavian candy store. The first time seeing this candy, they marvelled at the magnificent colours, unique shapes, and of course, delicious flavours. 

As a candy enthusiast, Jessica was disappointed to learn that this candy was difficult to find in her hometown of Toronto. She frequently dreamed of when she'd get to eat these treats again, wishing she had a local spot in the city to satisfy her cravings. Fast forward to July 2020 while Jessica was on mat leave, she had the idea to start her own e-commerce candy store, with the hopes that candy lovers across the city will enjoy the candy as much as she does. 

What is Sukker Baby?

Inspired by Scandinavian culture and food, Sukker Baby means Sugar Baby in Norwegian. We're an e-commerce candy store that offers unique candy from Scandinavia, the UK and the Netherlands. Most of our candy is free of trans fats, genetically modified organisms and high fructose corn syrup, and uses only natural colours. With high quality ingredients, trust us when we say - it just tastes better. 

Why Sukker Baby?

At Sukker Baby, our products can be completely individualized to your candy desires. We want you to truly enjoy the candy you eat. Whether enjoying it by yourself, amongst friends, while social distancing or even gifting it to a friend, know that with Sukker Baby, life just got sweeter.

Where is Sukker Baby?

Aside from online you can find us at...


Dawe and Co. 

Mala Baby Boutique